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Airfield Deficiency Repairs

Project Description

  • Client: 
    NAVFAC Southeast
  • Location: 
    Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas

Benham provided an Airfield Operational Assessment and developed phased construction documents for multiple projects addressing mission essential airfield systems. The assessment and basis of design package identified deficiencies and proposed upgrades to bring to current standards the airfield layout, marking, lighting, signage, and electric circuits and associated airfield lighting vault and equipment as well as 1,254,996 sf of pavement rehabilitation. The upgrades brought the airfield up to UFC, Navy, and FAA standards, and improved system reliability and energy efficiency.  

“The client group: Navy Region, NAVFAC SE, the base PWD/FEAD personnel, and the (multiple) airfield users have all expressed complete satisfaction with the way the AE(Benham) handled information gathering, the professionalism of all the project engineers, and the team’s genuine interest, concern and knowledge of the mission criteria and goals.”
- Laura Lake, Senior Project Manager, NAVFAC SE

Benham’s services included:

 Task order management
 Airfield  Civil and Electrical Engineering
 Cost Estimating
 Kick-off meetings, field assessments and stakeholder meetings
 Topographical, New Aerial Planimetric and Obstruction Surveys
 Assessment of existing airfield taxiway and apron layout, markings, and obstruction clearance for current mission requirements and critical aircraft
 Assessments of edge lighting system and visual NAVAIDS for all runways
 Airfield signage and corresponding marking layout
 Provide signed and sealed (S&S) Construction Documents for discrete, prioritized DBB project(s) addressing each airfield element as a stand-alone project
 Multi-Year, Multi-Phase program

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